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All Brite/Finish Kare

Aluminum Polish

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Clean Metal Surfaces to a Mirror Finish

Allbrite Aluminum Polish is a strong-acting formula that cleans, protects and brightens metal surfaces on your car, boat or motorcycle. This aggressive polish removes oxidation and corrosion from aluminum and other metal surfaces without scratching. Use on mag, aluminum and chrome wheels, bumpers and other metal surfaces and welcome back the metal’s original shine! Don’t let dirty or dull-looking metal spoil the look of your car when simply buffing with Allbrite Aluminum Polish can restore a beautiful mirror finish.


•  Cleans aggressively without scratching on most aluminum surfaces
•  It is more aggressive than Allbrite Fine Metal Polish
•  Not recommended for painted metal surfaces

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  1. Apply a generous amount of Allbrite Aluminum Polish to a soft cloth. Use Allbrite Aluminum Polish as supplied; do not dilute.

  2. Rub the area to be polished.

  3. As you rub the surface, black oxidation and scratches will be removed and the surface will become shinier.

  4. Let the surface dry completely before wiping, otherwise the black oxidation that is in the process of being removed by Allbrite Aluminum Polish will stain your wiping cloth. When the surface is completely dry, wipe away with a clean cloth.

  5. Buff the surface to achieve a mirror finish.