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Banana Wax

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Use Allbrite Banana Wax to give your car a high-gloss finish with a pleasing banana scent. This liquid wax is easy to use and provides your car with long-lasting protection. Maintain the beauty of your car or truck’s paint job and enrich its luster with repeated use. This particular wax is an excellent choice to hide swirl marks or minor scratches, and it works well on all vehicle colors, including dark colored cars. Allbrite Banana Wax is made in the USA from high grade silicones, Carnauba wax and Allbrite’s specialty polymer.


•  Easy to use
•  Recommended for all car colors
•  CA VOC Compliant



  1. 1. Dust off or wash your car to get rid of any dirt or dust particles.
  2. 2. For best results, prepare the surface of your car before using Allbrite Banana Wax. The following products are recommended for surface prep:
    •  Allbrite Clear Coat Polish
    •  Allbrite Buff Wax
    •  Allbrite Lite Polish
  3. 3. Apply Allbrite Banana Wax with a yellow foam pad if using a buffer or a wax applicator if working by hand.
  4. 4. Apply a thin layer of Allbrite Banana Wax in a circular motion.
  5. 5. Use even pressure to remove swirls and minor scratches.
  6. 6. Allow Allbrite Banana Wax to dry. Your vehicle surface will take on a hazy appearance.
  7. 7. Wipe off to reveal a high-gloss finish.
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