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All Brite/Finish Kare

Micro Polishing Compound Finish Kare

  • # 440-5 is a micro abrasive compound formulated for quick cutting power without scouring or tearing up the clear coat, leaving an exceptional high gloss finish.

  • For removal of heavy oxidation, scratches and imperfections caused by fallout or other surface impediments.

  • It is excellent for Body Shop use.

  • Removes sanding marks 1000 grit or finer.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Do not apply in direct sunlight or ectremely hot surfaces. Using a wool cutting pad, set buffer at 1800-2000 rpm. Apply enough product to create a buffing film that will act as a lubricant between the pad and the painted surface. DO NOT DRY BUFF. Begin buffing using a medium pressure at first them lighten up, overlapping and spreading product evenly over a controlled section.

NOTE: For best results, maintain a wet buffing film, avoid dry buffing and tilting pad on edge.

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micro polish comp.png