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All Brite/Finish Kare

RV Boat Polish


Bring Out the Color of Your RV, Motor Home or Boat


Formulated especially for RVs, motor homes and boats, Allbrite RV/Marine Polish cleans gel coats and enamel surfaces. Allbrite RV/Marine Polish contains various grades of abrasives that remove minor scratches and prepare the surface for waxing with Allbrite RV/Marine Wax. Make your RV, motor home or boat look its best with Allbrite RV/Marine Polish.


•  Recommended for gel coat surfaces
•  Recommended for enamel surfaces



  1. 1. Dust off or wash your RV, motor home or boat to get rid of any dust or sand particles.
  2. 2. Apply Allbrite RV/Marine Polish using a buffer or wax applicator, working on small sections at a time. When working by hand, apply using an overlapping circular motion until oxidation or swirls begin to disappear.
  3. 3. Allow Allbrite RV/Marine Polish to dry.
  4. 4. Wipe off with a clean, dry towel.
  5. 5. Apply Allbrite RV/Marine Wax for protection.
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