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All Brite/Finish Kare

Water Spot Remover

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Get Rid of Hard Water Stains on Paint and Glass Surfaces


Don’t let hard water stains mar the look of your vehicle when you can get rid of them with Allbrite Water Spot Remover. Salt deposits left behind from hard water can eat at your car if left unattended—acids in Allbrite WSR can dissolve those, too! Allbrite WSR contains specialty surfactants and a low concentration of acids that remove hard water stains and salt deposits from glass and painted surfaces quickly and easily. When used as directed, Allbrite WSR is safe for use on all surfaces, including glass and paint. Because Allbrite WSR falls into the Hazardous Materials category, we can only ship it in sizes of 32 ounces or less. Please follow our instructions for use and handle it with care.


•  Safe for all surfaces when used as directed
•  Corrosive
•  Contains acids
•  Do not apply in high heat or on hot surfaces
•  Handle with care



  • 1. Allbrite WSR is a corrosive cleaner and contains acids. Please follow instructions for use and handle with care.

  • 2. Before using Allbrite WSR on glass surfaces, patch test it in an unobtrusive area, such as a corner or side. Allbrite WSR can leave haze or wavy patterns on some glass surfaces, especially newer windshields. Please understand that we will not be responsible for any damage to glass.

  • 3. Allbrite WSR or any other brand of water spot remover will not be effective if water spots are etched into glass.

  • 4. Do not apply Allbrite WSR in high heat or on hot surfaces. Spray water on the area to be cleaned to cool it down before applying Allbrite WSR.

  • 5. Apply Allbrite WSR as a spray on water spots. Use Allbrite WSR as supplied; do not dilute.

  • 6. Leave Allbrite WSR on surface for no more than 1-2 minutes before rubbing it with a wash mitt, pad or soft sponge soaked with a car wash soap or degreaser such as Allbrite A10 - Car Wash Soap or Allbrite Kiss-Off.

  • 7. Rinse the area off. If the water spots have been there for a long time, it may be necessary to repeat the process in order to remove them.

  • 8. Apply wax after using Allbrite WSR on painted surfaces, as it will remove previously applied wax.

In Store Only
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