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Cherry Dazzle Wax

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For durability and protection, Allbrite Cherry Dazzle Wax is tops. Allbrite Cherry Dazzle Wax is a mild cleaner, high-gloss top wax and polymer sealant—all rolled up into one easy-to-apply wax with an appealing cherry scent. It will remove swirl marks and produces an exceptionally smooth, high-gloss finish—even on dark colored cars, including black cars. Allbrite Cherry Dazzle Wax provides approximately three months of protection. This premium wax has been designed for easy application by hand or with a buffer and provides excellent sun protection.


•  Can be applied by hand or buffer
•  Recommended for all car colors
•  CA VOC Compliant



  1. 1. Dust off or wash your car to get rid of any dirt or dust particles.
  2. 2. For best results, prepare the surface of your car before using Allbrite Cherry Dazzle Wax. The following products are recommended for surface prep:
    •  Allbrite Clear Coat Polish
    •  Allbrite Buff Wax
    •  Allbrite Lite Polish
  3. 3. Use a soft cloth or buffer to apply Allbrite Cherry Dazzle Wax.
  4. 4. Apply a thin layer of Allbrite Cherry Dazzle Wax in a circular motion.
  5. 5. Use even pressure to remove swirl marks.
  6. 6. Allow Allbrite Cherry Dazzle Wax to dry. Your vehicle surface will take on a hazy appearance.
  7. 7. Wipe off to reveal a high gloss.
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