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Renu It

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Keep Bumpers Looking Clean and Untouched


Are your bumpers looking tired and faded? Allbrite Renu It can bring back that clean, untouched look bumpers have when they’re new. This easy-to-use formula cleans and protects bumpers, moldings and plastic trim.  Allbrite Renu It brings a high shine to faded bumpers and moldings so they look like new again. Plus, Allbrite Renu It leaves behind a protective shield that protects bumpers, moldings and plastic trims from water, dust and environmental damage. It only takes one bump to smudge the look of your car or truck’s bumper—get rid of it fast with Allbrite Renu It.


•  Easy to use
•  For bumpers, moldings and plastic trim



  1. 1. Use Allbrite Renu It as supplied; do not dilute.
  2. 2. Apply a thin coat of Allbrite Renu It on bumpers and moldings with application sponge.
  3. 3. Buff to remove excess and reveal a high gloss shine.
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