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Trim Black


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Use HI TECH Trim Paints with confidence to refinish exterior auto trim and bumpers to factory O.E.M. specifications. Trim Black is self-etching and designed to be applied and re-coated with a minimum of surface preparation.


  • Surface to be painted should be scraped to remove flaking paint and then sanded with 400-600 grit sandpaper. Surface MUST be free of silicones, waxes and oils. HI TECH's SUPER SOLV is ideal for this task.

  • Protect all adjacent areas with masking paper to prevent over spray damage.

  • SHAKE WELL - Proper mixing requires at least one minute of continuous shaking once ball can be heard.

  • For best results, hold can 6-12 inches from surface and apply in sweeping motion. Avoid runs and drips by applying several thin coats.

  • Allow 5-10 minutes between coats.

  • Clean nozzle immediately after use. Turn can upside down and spray until clear.

  • If spray nozzle clogs, pull off and clean. DO NOT stick pins or other wire-like objects into can opening. Discard empty can in approved trash receptacle. Do not burn, incinerate, or place in home garbage compactors.

In Store Only
black trim web.png