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Ultra Clean Brighten Up


Lemon Scented Neutral Floor Cleaner:

Brighten Up is the latest development in a time saving product for cleaning and brightening hard glossy surfaces. finished floors, including floors tile, natural stone, enamel painted wells, porcelain, etc. This is a powerful cleaner which will remove heel marks, dirt and soil from any surface. No rinsing is required, and the pleasant lemon fragrance deodorizes all in one easy step. When the surface has dried, optical brighteners will substantially enhance the shine appearance of the surface.


Dry mop or vacuum the floor to remove loose dirt. Use 1/2 oz to 2 oz of BRIGHTEN UP for each gallon of cold water. Squeeze out excess liquid and mop floor dry, not rinse. Can be used in an automatic scrubber at 1/2 oz - 1 oz per gallon. Use 4 oz per gallon of water for cleaning and brightening tile, walls, porcelain, etc.

Spray a light mist onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a clean dry cloth or paper towel for heavily soiled surfaces, repeat the process. 

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brighten up web.png