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Zephyr Rouge


87 Stainless Rouge:

This rouge is designed for very heavy cutting.

It contains 320 grit emery for a smooth, even cut.

Try it with one of Zephyr’s Heavy Cutting Airway Buffing Wheels, such as the Orange Ruffy Clear Dip

For Iron, steel, aluminum and stainless.


TR-2 Brown Tripoli:

Zephyr’s Tripoli Bar Rouge is the industry standard for Primary Cutting.

Use with one of our Medium to Heavy Cutting Airway Buffing Wheels for great cutting action.

For Iron, Steel, Aluminum and Stainless.


Green Chrome Rouge:

This rouge is used for secondary cutting and semi final finish.

Use with one of Zephyr’s medium to light secondary cutting airway buffing wheels or all cotton buffing wheels for a semi final finish.


White Chrome Rouge:

This quality rouge is used for final finish high luster shine.

Made for use with one of Zephyr’s Final Finish Airway Buffing wheels, or any of our Cotton Buffing wheels for a beautiful shine.

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